Wash, scrub, drain, leave to dry.

– Cut into 1 cm cubes
Gently heat a claypot.
Add some oil to the pot.
Over gentle heat, slowly fry the salt fish
stirring it about from time to time.
Cook it just enough to draw the flavour out into the oil.
We’re not looking for salt fish chips.
Also it can turn a little bitter if left in the heat too long.

– Slices

– Uniformly cubed
Soy sauce;
white pepper;
dash of sesame oil;
stir all these together.

Remove salt fish leave it to cool.
Carefully pour the oil into a little bowl.
Return the pot to the heat.
Add the washed and dried rice.
Increase the heat.
Pour enough hot water into the pot to cover
the rice by about 1.5cm.

Increase the heat somemore.
Infact if you can get the flames to dance
about the pot that’d be cool.
Cover the pot.
Leave it to come to a viscious boil.
Turn the heat down to small medium.

As soon as you can see the top of the rice is dry, gently slide all
the chicken and larp cheong over the surface of the rice.
Add all the marinade from the chicken.
You may add the salt fish cubes to the pot also.
Turn the heat down to really low and leave it
for another ten minutes.
Turn the heat off and let the pot sit covered another fifteen minutes.

Dark soy;
the oil you used to heat the salt fish.

Sliced red chillies;
coriander leaves.

After letting the rice swell and regroup.
Take the pot to the table.
Add all the sauce and condiment bits and give it all a good sitr,
with luck the bottom will be burnt.