<br>Shaved smoked ham, mature cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mustard on sourdough granary.<br>Ask for a different mustard, we have three types, or mayo or both. <br>Thinly sliced turkey, lettuce and sweet ploughman’s pickle on rye. <br>Rare roast beef with tomato and coarse or hot mustard on sourdough rye. <br>on ciabatta. <br>Whole roasted breasts, lettuce and tomato on rustic white. <br>Salt-cured beef brisket served with hot hot hot mustard. This is a hot sandwich on rye. <br>Shaved ham and cheddar with mustard in a hot grill on rye. <br>Ask for roast onion please and a dash of pepper. <br>A hot cheddar sandwich, with either tomato slices; ploughman’s pickle;<br>roast onion on wholemeal sunflower. <br>Tuna with chopped capers and purple onions, with a little mayonnaise, <br>lettuce and tomato on ciabatta. <br>Lots of egg, little mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and a secret herb on brown bread. <br>Poached chicken breast with a seasoned mayonnaise, lettuce, <br>tomato and a secret spice on wholemeal sunflower. <br>You want this with avocado? on oatmeal bread. <br>Mature cheddar, lettuce, tomato and sweet ploughman’s pickle on sourdough granary. <br>Turkey, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce and tomato on baguette. Got to have it. <br>PB&B. <br>Ro-ast peeps. <br>Grilled shi-take with spinach and grated carrots. <br>Mustard! <br>Roast pork, ham, cheddar, gherkins, iceberg and tomato. <br>Coo-ban pressed in the grill. Very good. <br>Ro-ast chicks. These are special marinated mushrooms. <br>Who doesn’t like bacon and eggs? <br>Add an egg for that extra something. N/A